Vicon System with PX4-ROS2

Hi folks,

I have a Pixhawk 5X and I’m using the Ethernet Port to communicate with my Raspberry Pi.

I would like to connect my drone to a Vicon System and use it as indoor positioning system.

I saw the documentation and there is nothing about PX4-ROS2 with Mocap and how it would be to configure it with the microRTPS Bridge.

Has anyone here idea how that could be done?

I have found these two vicon_bridges for ROS 2 Foxy on Github: GitHub - OPT4SMART/ros2-vicon-receiver: Vicon Receiver for ROS2 // GitHub - MOCAP4ROS2-Project/mocap4ros2_vicon

hi, are you any step further, because I want to do the same