What is needed to use RTPS and ROS2 with real hardware?

Hey there,
just a quick question about the RTPS connection with ‘real’ hardware. When we tried with a ROS2 connection to our ‘older’ cube black we couldnt enable a RTPS connection, even with newer firmware.

We realised the RTPS firmware build was disabled for the fmuv3 and we activated it back in but still it dosent work out. We can run the client and the agent but nothing happens, no communication. Now we question ourselfes what is needed to use ROS2 with real hardware. For simple gazebo simulation it works, so sitl is running fine so I would say its not an installation issue.

Is the cube fcu too old for RTPS and we need a newer one like the pixhawk4 or the 5X?
Do we need some setting which we just forgot? Some other converter to access the data on our Onboard PC? Any help would be appreciated…

If we test the current setup with some ROS2 adapted mavros code we can see data from the copter, so I would say our adapter and the ports are fine and well defined - but communication still doesnt work (mavros for ros2 crashes regulary and RTPS connection doesnt find aynthing)

Two weeks ago I already asked about the topic but just hoped if i formulate the question a bit different somebody might catch attention and can help us - at least with some general information.

Thank you for reading

make sure you have Internet on your Onboard computer.