Vehicle not ready -- Issue with Pixhawk 4 Mission

I currently have an mRo PX4 set up in qgroundcontrol as a rover, and I’m trying to test some basic missions on it, however, whenever I try to start a mission it says vehicle not ready. I have disabled a few safety checks that were preventing me from arming, however I am still unable to get run any missions.
Has anyone encountered this issue before?


Is there any hint in the messages sent to QGC what is still wrong?

All the error says is unable to start mission: vehicle not ready. That only shows in the little yellow popup. I don’t see any other errors.

What’s your px4 version? What navigation system do you use? GPS?

it’s the mRo PX4 ‘Cool kit’ 2.4.6 I believe. That includes the GPS I’m using for navigation.

2.4.6 is not a px4 firmware version, just because the last version is 1.10 for now.
You can check your version in QGroundControls’s Summary screen in Airframe section of it.

Oh, didn’t realize you were asking for the firmware version. The firmware version is 1.9.2. Vehicle is the Aion Robotics R1 UGV.

I’ve done some more testing and I got the mission to successfully start once, however repeating the same steps again today (the last test was last week) resulted in the same error again. No additional information was provided in the error message.

Try to type “gps status” to mavlink console when you get the error again.

I can’t do that right now, but while testing before it said gps 3D lock and there were always 8+ satellites showing on it.

Sometimes we have the similar error (“vehicle not ready”) with the 3D lock in a GPS widget, but in console we have “NOT OK” status. If so, there could be a connection issues with GPS receiver.
You can also try to remove several checks into EKF2_GPS_CHECK parameter.

I will try that, thank you.