Unable to start mission .vehicle not ready

. I am using without transmitter and receiver so I can fly autopilot mode so am doing NAV_RCL_ACT is desabled and COM_RC_ IN_MODE is no RC checks I selected what is problem happen in autopilot mode

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Are there any other messages showing up? Click on the loudspeaker symbol (next to the GPS symbol) on the top to see all messages.

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One other thing to check is if you have a takeoff waypoint as the first mission item.

Aha, low battery. That’s confusing because the battery symbol seems to show 78%.

You could try this circuit breaker to disable the battery checks: https://dev.px4.io/en/advanced/parameter_reference.html#CBRK_SUPPLY_CHK

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Have you checked this? Can you share the mission plan that you’re trying?

USB is connected now . that’s why unable to ready getting message I think only sir

Yes USB needs to be disconnected unless you set:

Yes I already disabled USB .

It’s hard to know what happened when and which screenshot happened because of what etc. You need to tell the whole story. What you try and what happened.

And to make the screenshots more readable you might Google how to take a screenshot.

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sir give me a reply sir

See is you have MPC_OBS_AVOID parameter set to 1.

If you did not have a subsystem prepared for Obstacle Avoidance the MPC_OBS_AVOID should be set to 0.

thank you sir given reply to me .but don’get that parameter

If you can arm it will start a logfile. Could you share that logfile to https://logs.px4.io?

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sir tell me what happened

Before I try that, can you please describe what happened when you recorded these two logs.

manual mode i using arming . i don’t have RC that’ why i don’t fly them . arming still on bench that’s it no matter .i want fly in autopilot . when i am mission plane upload it . get a message is unable to start a mission

why not vehicle is not ready . i am not using air speed sensor and telemetry system only using usb cable so i using CBRK desiable the air speed sensor and usb cable . what happen sir why not fly the vehicle