V1.5.1 issue with GeoFence

Hi Guys,

We have an issue ver 1.5.1. (using PixRacer) Regarding Geofence being enabled in QGC but not working…

I got it programmed at radius 125m, height 30m and none of them are working. I got it programmed in QGC, enabled to perform a return to land, I test it with the quad and I can go up way beyond 125m and higher than 30m, it is not working.

I have 2 logs regarding this issue.


As per what I can understand, it looks like QGC 3.0.2 on the MAC, or PC or Android (I use all of them), one of them is corrupting the settings could this happen?

Is there a way to check in the advanced parameters / a register / a bit or something that it is programmed somewhere?



Fix here - https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/6054

Thanks for reporting.

will try it soon thanks !!!

Yep I confirm it has been fixed. Yesterday I have tried latest MASTER and both Radius and Height Geo Fences are working correclty.

Nice job thanks !