V1.3.0 beta testing

I just pushed the current work in progress to the beta branch, which is available in QGroundControl. We’re currently looking mostly for general regression testing.

Main improvements / changes:

  • EKF2 estimator added (instructions to follow)
  • LPE estimator added (instructions to follow)
  • Snapdragon Flight driver rewrite
  • VTOL performance improvements
  • Pixracer R14 S.BUS input fix
  • Lots of other smaller bugfixes and improvements

Would it be possible to know what are major changes, improvements or bug fixes? Like a release note for this version?

I wil test it asap on my auav-x2 and my pixracer.

I did just that. Need to add instructions how to test the new estimators as well.

Thx for creating this thread. Q: Since I usually flash Master Dev build, should I go back to beta ?

You can always test on master and provide feedback. Beta is just for people with less “ambitions” in terms of taking risk.

Sorry, I was not talking about risks, just was thinking that you could add in your post, where users can find the changelogs (because a report is useless if talking about a major differences between Master/Beta.)

The only risk for me is a roof /tree landing cause I still don´t know, how to turn off RTH (since LAND isn´t offered as alternative). All your dev builds were pretty stable so far. :slight_smile:

You mean as a failsafe option right? Because land is a flight mode that you could assign to a switch.
What I’m wondering is if land require a gps or if it would also work without.
But this is not the right place to discuss it.

Sure, I´m talking about Failsafe. My FS options are strongly associated to testing :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the versions number is still a mystery to me. I downloaded the latest daily build of qgc on my mac, the newest beta version on android and flashed the latest master firmware on it.

Some quick feedbacks:

  • compass calibration GUI is buggy. The yellow box doesn’t appear if calibrating a side and it switch then from the red box to the green one. This happened on both android and mac. This happened randomly and is not always the case.

  • flightmode #2 is in my case ACRO but when testing in my basement this flightmode dose not appear on the menu bar on top of the screen. All other works fine.

  • please place the versions number of qgc and px4 (stable, beta, master) on the menu bar on top of the screen.

I’ve not been outside flying with my new copter, feedback will come soon.

Confirm issue: MAG calibration doesn´t work @ beta and current master.
It´s working with stable. Not a QGC issue, tried older versions as well.Drove me nuts, because I installed a new mag and suspected a hardware issue. Weird, that QGC showed green sensor / Mag status after some re-boot, obviously regaining old offsets, despite of new (failure) cali.

Old issue : Its possible to arm @ ALTHOLD , but the motors just stick @ idle, don´t spin up independent of throttle position. Switch back to Stab, throttle up and return to Alt again works (silly workaround)

Flight: Nothing noticable wrong with Stab.Alt,Pos Ctl. Except, that the latter suffers of very sensitive throttle response > it was almost impossible to keep a steady height. Tuning issue ?

Tuning sliders keep their position, this is obviously fixed,thx.

@gervais does the mag cal issue persist on current master? I suspect no, but please let me know if it still is there.

Update 4/02 : Still doesn´t work with current master. But the offsets (generated with cali @ stable) stay valid, when Compass Cali is cancelled. So its no problem to test it.

Cancel this statement: Due to a pilot error , I crashed pretty early this morning and did not test this a couple of times. So better be careful.

What about this issue? Anyone the same problem?

Flash back to beta, it will work again. Current master ´s got some RC (setup) probs. I haven´t even been able to do a new cali with it.

How could i know i used witch version,i use git clone https://github.com/PX4/Firmware.git

If you clone and flash via terminal then by default you are using master.

@LorenzMeier can you tell me if our issues are now being analysed or if there are opened issues somewhere? Did you notice it as well?
I’m talking about the flightmode#2 and the GUI problem with the compass.
I don’t know what is going on right now!

@gervais an issue has been open one day ago.

It should be fixed now.

MAG calibration is working with PX4 current master, but I couldn´t test it wireless (3DR telemetry @ Telemetry 2) , QGC is reporting constantly: Vehicle did not respond to request for parameters,re-trying. (everything else works)

Same with an old QGC version.

Its not a hardware problem, since parameter transfer is working with current APM master.