Using telm1 and telm2 together

I am currently a student at Columbia University in New York. We are working on building an autonomous drone and are using Px4 as part of the project.
I wanted to know if there was any way to use the telm1 and telm2 port at the same time as I want to control the drone using the telm1 port and use the telm2 port to get back information from the drone.
The controller for the drone will be on board the drone hence its not possible to get information off the controller directly.
I couldnt find any previous work on something like this on any of the forums. Has anyone tried doing this? and if so how did you go about it.


I think you can as long as you do not send conflicts commands over 2 ports.

This shouldn’t be a problem. It’s effectively the same thing as connecting USB + telem radio at the same time. PX4 is running a separate mavlink instance for each interface.