Using RTK based on the android operating system! Realization

Good day everyone!
Please help to resolve the issue.
There is a radio control Skydroid H16 on the android operating system.
I need to use RTK. However, the QGROUNDCONTROL software installed on the Android operating system does not support the ability to use this function.
This is indicated in the software support.: « (QGroundControl for Android/iOS do not support RTK)»

I need to solve this problem. Who is able to implement this function? Please, write to me. Your work will be paid.



do you have a basic RTK setup you would like to connect to? This RTK topic is higly dependent on the particular systems you use (own or virtual base station, type of GPS chip,…)

If you descibe in more detail, what you have available and what you want to achieve, helping you would be easier…

I will provide all the necessary information.

I will use my base station. (H-RTK F9P Base)
This: H-RTK F9P GNSS Series,H-RTK?
GPS antenna on rover: H-RTK F9P Helical

Task: get drone flight with 10cm accuracy.

Ok, that should be possible using the MAVProxy DGPS module.

To use it you have to send the RTCM data from your base station to the UDP port 13320 to “inject” the data into the MavLink protocol stream (GPS_RTCM_DATA).

The F9P/M9P on the rover can use this directly to compute the RTK solution.

I am not familiar with the HolyBro stuff, but will take a look at it later…