Using QGroundControl with a Mateksys H743 Wing V3 flight controller

I don’t know if this is possible, I hope so as I very much prefer QGC for programming. I have successfully flashed the controller with ArduPilot and can open the flight controller with Mission Planner, unfortunately not with QGC. Any help is welcome.

If it has released, You can change the bootloader of PX4 version, and update F/W by QGC.

Which board are you using?

Thank you terrymao886, Unfortunately I need more information. I have downloaded the matek_h743_bootloader.bin now how will i need to proceed?

Thanks JulianOes. The board I purchased is a Mateksys H743 Wing V3. I intend using for an auto plane, I can give you more details if you wish. I already have one flying, but still have a few problems problems with auto-flight. I use a Pixhawk PX4 in it. I am very familiar with QGC but find MissionPlanner hard to use.
Computer wise I use a mac running the latest OS. I flashed the board with arduplane_bl using the STM32cubeProgrammer. The board now loads using MissionPlanner (the macOS version) but this is clumsy program for me to master. So advice on how to use/install the matek_h743_bootloadeer.bin code would appreciated and most welcome.
Thanks Hank

Hi cattlebaron,
You have 2 tools to flash bootloader into STM32 MCU by DFU mode:

  1. Betaflight configurator
    2: STM32 CubeProgrammer
    Reference below link please.
    Omnibus F4 SD | PX4 User Guide
    STM32CubeProg - STM32CubeProgrammer software for all STM32 - STMicroelectronics

STM32 Programming via USB (DFU)

Thank you again,
Lucky for me I have the SMT32 program on my mac and will flash the bootloader most likely after Christmas. Enjoy the festive season
Cheers Hank

Oh, what @terrymao886 said then :slight_smile:. And sorry I didn’t look at the title when I asked what board this was about :see_no_evil:.

Happy holidays!

Thank you terrymac886. I followed your instructions and all proceeded perfectly.
Cheers Hank