Using PX4Flow with PX4 stack on QGC

I am connecting the pixhawk with a px4 stack and have connected the px4optical flow with an I2C as well as USART cable, and i have set my Qground control 3.2.2 to auto connect to px4flow but i am not getting the connection to it.

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3.2.x won’t work. Use 3.1.x instead.

And, you do not need to connect USART.

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Is there any kind of documentation i can follow for using px4flow with 3.1.x?

you can have a check in PX4 dev doc.

How does I know when the pX4flow is successully connected to the pixhawk ?

You can’t unless you have console connected.

A practical method can be trying to switch flight mode to POS_CTL, and watch the status LED. If it turns to green (switch success) then the connection is successful.

Could you help me to integrate the PX4 flow sensor with the pixhawk running px4. On my parameter i have messed with ekf_aid and sens_rotation and I have enabled the ultrasonic sensor tab on qground control. On my analyse option i can see the movements created by the drone as well range. I am currently using the pixhawk and the Px4 flow with the ultrasonic is connected by 12c and USART. It is showing me all of this data but it cant comprehend it as it denies altitude mode without GPS and doesnt let me test it. Outdoors in altitude its giving very similar results to that of the altitude hold possible with GPS.
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Dear all, while on this topic I was curious to know why there is no PX4FLOW GUI in QGC 3.2. I read on some of the earlier discussions that a re-work of the GUI (or maybe the device as well?) was in the plan, but I couldn’t find any further information on it. And it isn’t clear to me why the old GUI needs to be removed before a new one appears. Are PX4 gurus still using PX4FLOW?

hello,i am also testing the px4flow and it work well on the QGC of 3.1.3. but i cannot switch it to position mode indoor ,how about you test? thank you

dear friend:
i can switch it on altitude mode without gps,but it doesn’t work on position mode.Do you solve your problem?

How would you determine if the flow module is working via the console?

I echo all of the confusion in this thread about whether it is best practice to use a flow module or not. For the most part all of the documentation seems to be out of date or lacking.

So after poking around, I discovered that you can actually tell if the flow module is connected and working via QGroundControl without the console.

If you open the “Analyze” plot window, you should see a bunch of parameters with the M1:OPTICALFLOW prefix if the optical flow sensor is connected.