Using Pix32 V5 autopilot for HITL?

Hi fellow developers,

I haven’t find the answer to my question through this forum or others, so here I am.

I have an Offboard program working on a Gazebo simulation, wich is linked to QGroundControl.
I now would like to add a real PixHawk in the equation using “HITL”.

Here’s my issue : I’m using a pix32 V5 autopilot, and QGroundControl doesn’t allow me to choose the “HITL” mode. However, if I flash the Px4 firmware on my pix32, QGC then allows me to initiate the HITL, BUT Gazebo is failing to initiate communication with the hardware.

So, do you guys know if there is a way to use a pix32 V5 in HITL, and if not, is it possible to flash the PX4 firmware on this hardware and make it works with Gazebo and all ?

Thank you for your time,

PS : I apologize if my English is incorrect, I’m still working on it :wink:

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