Unable to arm the drone in Gazebo HITL simulation

Hello everyone!
I am experiencing an issue with the HITL simulation and seeking some advice.

I am using Pixhawk 6C as my flight controller with PX4 1.14.3. The gazebo version is 11.10.2, QGroundControl is v4.3.0, and I selected the airframe as Holybro X500 V2 (since it is mentioned that it is compatible with HITL).

I successfully set up my environment according to the HITL documentation: HITL. The iris model is visible and correctly loaded in Gazebo, and it appears that the flight controller is connected to both Gazebo and QGroundControl without any issues. However, I am unable to arm the vehicle using either my transmitter or directly through QGroundControl…

Does anyone have a clue regarding this?

I appreciate your help.

Can you try first using JMavsim . I was able to control my Herelink radio telemetry using CUBE orange and PX4 SITL in HITL mode

hmm… Okay… I will try JMavsim. Maybe that would work…
Thank you.

Hello again.
So I tested it out, and the propellers do not spin in jMAVSim as well…
Also, I am using PX4 1.14.3. Is this the same version you use?

Well my Px4 version is 13.3 stable.

hmm…! maybe the problem is the PX4 version then!