Using Mavros(.launch) Bring information of Crazyflie2.0 to Terminal

====My development environment====

  1. Ubuntu 14.04
  2. QGC 3.1.0 v
  3. Crazyflie 2.0 (Uploaded Px4 firmware)
    4.CrazyRadio PA
    5.ros-indigo, mavros-extra.

Question ]

I would like to use “mavros” to output the sensor value or data of Crazyflie to the terminal. However, “CrazyRadio PA” does not support serial connections (CrazyRadio PA uses
a proprietary protocol called “CRTP”). So I have to use the ‘mavros.launch’ form, and I’m having trouble with fcu_url, gcs_url configuration . Is there a solution?

The PX4 implementation allows communicating via Mavlink over CRTP. See the end of for information on how to do this. Then mavros can be connected as if there was an fcu on local port 14550

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Thank you for your help!. So I’ve tried many, but I still have difficulties with url configuration. I’ll show you my specific situation through image upload. The image is the xml source of mavros.launch.

p.s i use cfbridge

have a nice day denniss!

I haven’t used mavros in a while, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need the gcs_url argument as that is usually for when you are using qgroundcontrol as well (so get rid of that line). The fcu_url should be udp based, so something like <arg name="fcu_url" default="udp://:14550@:14555" /> should work. That would specify to listen on local 14550 for messages and send outbound messages to 14555.

Oh, I got it! I understand your reply.
Now, I will apply that to my project.
Thanks @dennisss!