Using a Rectangular Quadcopter Frame with PX4 and QGroundControl

Hello PX4 community,

I’m considering building a quadcopter with a rectangular frame structure, where each arm extends from the corners of a rectangle. I wanted to know if PX4 and QGroundControl natively support this kind of configuration or if they only support the standard square X-shaped configuration.

Is it sufficient to just select the X airframe and adjust the motor coordinates to match the rectangular shape? Or would it be necessary to create a new mixer specifically for this configuration?

Could someone please guide me through the steps to configure this shape?

Additionally, are there any advantages or disadvantages of a rectangular shape compared to the traditional X shape?

Thank you in advance for your insights!

Best regards

Hello! I don’t know if is better or worse have a rectangular frame but you can choose the “H” frame that I think is pretty similar to what you need :slight_smile:

Starting with PX4 1.13 control allocation allows you to just configure your motor positions in QGC. Should be no problem!

Thank you both for your responses. But I remain with a doubt, in the “Airframe” tab, which geometry should I select for the quadcopter then, apart from configuring motor positions in “Actuators” tab?
My drone would have this shape (all angles are equal).