Firefly6 Landing Gear Problem

I have setup this plane and all seems well but no power to landing gear. I have Taranis Plus radio and X8R. Since I’m bypassing the $500 mapping key fee, I am using QGC. BEC is plugged into CH7. Any help would be great. THX.

Does the rest work? I see the landing gear in the mixer after the elevons.

The rest works. The gear is plugged into AUX4. My understanding is that AUX4 is mapped to RC12. I have a Taranis Plus and X8R bound to 16 channels. (9-16 active) Is this incorrect? If I want to have a switch to manually operated the LG and map it to channel 12, how can I control it without plugging into CH12 on the X8R?

I could bind without jumpers and then assign CH12 to a switch?

Did you flash PX4 onto the autopilot or is it running the official firmware?

I flashed the PX4 in QGC, then chose the FireFly6 Model.

In that case the RC configuration is whatever you set up in QGC, with no RC channels mapped by default.

I enabled pass-through on AUX2 in QGC and it worked. Strange but I’ll take it.