Unable to upload PX4 on CubeBlack 2.1

Hi folks,

I have been experiencing a problem while uploading PX4 firmware on PixCube 2.1(black). After flashing the firmware (tried v1.10.1, v1.9.2, v1.11.3) using Mission Planner, PX4 is not being recognized on both QGC and MP. Moreover, the green light on the PixCube that would suggest the correct functioning, is not active.

This is a recurring issue. Previously, it was accidentally solved by flashing the firmware multiple times. However, this time around, the same remedy does not solve the issue. (Already flashed multiple firmware versions, Ardu and PX4, on PixCube 10+ times).

P.S. Arduplane is working fine.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

Karan Veer Dewan

I had a similar issue. You can either flash it through the terminal or through mission planner using custom firmware. Both solutions worked for us!