Unable to start mission ; vehicle not ready

Sir I have these components


2.gps module

3.power management board

4.lipo battery

  1. One ESC

6.one brush less motor

  1. Q ground control software

I don’t have these comments

1.s.bus transmitter and receiver

2.telemetry system

  1. Air speed sensor

Wiring connection:

throttle pin is given IO port 4 pin

Right elevator is given IO port 2 pin

Left elevator is given IO port 1pin


I followed these steps

1.upload firmware

2.frame selected ( generic flying wing)

3.calibrate all sensors but air speed sensor is not calibrate so using circuit breaker disabled this

4.power calibration completed

5 safety calibrated

I do not have a receiver and transmitter so I can run in autopilot so COM_RC_IN_MODE was desiabled.then after NAV_RC_ACT is set 0 .

Am using USB cable for connectivity computer to pixhawk so that one also disabled using circuit breaker.

Battery checks also disabled by using circuit breaker.

Then after I given a mission plane and upload it then show the one message is start the mission.then after I start the mission getting one more message is unable to start mission .vehicle not ready .please resolve my problem sir. please help me sir