Unable to read battery measurements with Holybro PM06

I use the Holybro 6C Mini controller with the Holybro power module PM06.
I’m trying to calibrate the battery state in QGroundControl but I’m not able to read the current and the voltage.

Here is Power config:

The current and voltage channels have the default value. Do we have to set the channels ?

If all seems good, kindly check your wire connection like voltage and current sensing pins were connected with exact terminals.
Otherwise change the powermodule and try it.

I realized that when the controller (a Pixhawk 6C Mini) is connected to my computer with the USB cable then the controller is not able to read the power module measurements.
But when I’m connected using the SiK telemetry only, then I can read the voltage.

Do you know why we could have this behavior ? Is the power mode disconnected somehow when the controller is connected with the USB port ?

Also I’m not able to read the current but when I try to measure the voltage of the current channel it doesn’t change even when my motors are spinning. So the problem comes from the current sensor itself.
Could it be because the range of the current measurement is large ? (Up to 120A)
Though my motors are quite big, I’m expecting few amps when they are spinning.

Sounds to me you have a mismatch of power wiring whereby somewhere a common ground is missing. That’s why I won’t work on USB as it has a different power source than when you use your telemetry device.

I have a similar problem, do you have any more/new suggestions?

Thank you

I don’t have the solution. Basically, I disconnect the Pixhawk USB port to read the voltage through the telemetry…

Regarding the current measurement, the board is able to send non-zero values when high currents are consumed but I’m not able to check the measurement accuracy.