Power Setup Calibration on QGC


I used power setup on QGround Control and I have some trouble for the calibration. In fact when I used the button calculate the vehicule voltage keeps fluctuating all the time. So the coefficient (=voltage divider) between the measured voltage and the one is receiving is never the same.

Same for the current.

It is really weird because the voltage (BATT_VOLTAGE_SENS_PROT) and the current (BATT_CURRENT_SENS_PROT) which are in the input of POWER pin of my Pixhawk Cube are constant (see it with an oscilloscope). The signal is analogic between 0 and 3.3 V. Same for the current and the voltage of my battery

Am I doing the calibration wrong ? Is there a way to display the voltage of BATT_VOLTAGE_SENS_PROT and CURRENT directly on QGC ?

Thank you for your help