Unable to log flight data on Intel Aero with PX4 v1.9.2

Hello everyone,

I am unable to log the flight data from an intel aero through mavlink-router.

Detailed problem description:
On the Intel Aero RTF, the flight controller does not have an interface for flight logging to a sdcard. Instead, the flight logs are stored on the compute board by a daemon called mavlink-router.

Logs are automatically saved on boot in /var/lib/mavlink-router/ (*.ulg for PX4 or *.bin for ArduPilot)
I have the following configuration set


*.ulg files are created on boot everytime but no data is written on these files. Does any one have any idea what is causing this issue?


  • Intel aero drone
  • PX4 firmware 1.9.2
  • SDLOG_MODE : from boot until disarm


I found that if the MAV_SYS_ID is set to anything other 1 the logging doesn’t work.

There is already an issue created here.