Unable to echo different MAVROS topics

Hello everyone,

I am using a raspberry pi for accessing Pixhawk cube black (PX4 firmware) data over mavros. I have connected a FTDI cable to Telem 2 port and set the MAV_1_Config parameters.

I am able to launch MAVROS successfully and I am able to execute rostopic echo /mavro/state however when I try to execute rostopic echo /mavros/imu/data or rostopic echo /mavros/local_position/pose I do not receive any output.

I also tried setting up the mavros stream rate using rosservice call /mavros/set_stream_rate 0 10 1 the command execute withour any errors but still I am not receiving any data in different rostopics.

MAVROS execution output:

rosservice comands output followed by rostopic hz tests and /mavros/state


/diagnostics output

I am suspecting the AHRS subsystem health !!!

Please suggest, I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

Hello friend,
– /mavros/local_pose/pose seems need an external input source, like mocap or vision, at least for my case it need.
– did u run mavros node ? u shoud run this then can get the topics I believe