Unable to connect to qGroundControl after flashing beaglebone with PX4

Hey guys,

I need some help . Doing my first drone project with beaglebone blue and PX4. I have completed cross building PX4 with my beaglebone using the [master guide](https://docs.px4.io/v1.12/en/flight_controller/beag
lebone_blue.html). After completion of cross compiling the hardware, this is my output in beaglebone [attached as beaglebone_PX4_output.pdf
qGroundControl.pdf (183.4 KB)
beaglebone_PX4_output.pdf (17.5 KB)

] (without any external devices connected - motor, GPS).

However, when I connect my device to qGroundControl (running on Ubuntu 22.04), the device is being unable to recognize. I followed the connection issues guide from QGroundControl and realized the device is being recognized on the OS level(log attached- QGroundControl.pdf), but am unable get past the below screen. Would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello, while I do not have much experience with beaglebone I do have experience in forcing connections. What is the path of the serial device you are trying to connect?

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply, I am not sure how I missed this for so many days. I am trying to connect directly to beaglebone using micro-usb on a usb3.0 port.

When enabled LinkManagerVerboseLog, this is the output from the device:

[D] at ../../qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:548 - "portName:           "ttyACM0""
[D] at ../../qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:549 - "systemLocation:     "/dev/ttyACM0""
[D] at ../../qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:550 - "description:        "BeagleBoneBlack""
[D] at ../../qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:551 - "manufacturer:       "BeagleBoard.org""
[D] at ../../qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:552 - "serialNumber:       "1722EL002564""
[D] at ../../qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:553 - "vendorIdentifier:   7531"
[D] at ../../qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:554 - "productIdentifier:  260"```

How can I force the connection ?