Unable to arm without GPS

I am new to the drone world.
While assembling a new drone kit in my basement, the M8N gps module lights disappeared. I could not get a fix even when exposing the GPS for hours to the sky.
I am trying to setup the quadcopter to fly without a GPS (just to confirm that all other parts behave normally).
I set COM_ARM_WO_GPS yet Qground reports that the unit “not ready” and I am unable to arm.
Please advise.

Hi, could you share the message pixhawk gives when you are trying to arm it?

In adition, you shouldn’t try to get a fix for hours,it must work especially when you are at open field almost immediately

SureFace Info 20:30 (1 minute ago)
It says (somewhat similar to): “missing location” (this is not an accurate quote as the quadcopter is unavailable at the moment)ThanksJacob .
(I gaveup tryinf to get the gps fixed)

I guess the best solution regarding the gps is to buy a new one.I also had the situation with bad gps,but the problem was that in one moment it just stopped working,i mean it lost all satelites but it would regain the connection in 1 or 2 minutes and it happened almost in every flight.My advice,even with a new gps,during your first flights be ready to change the mode to stabilize.

Try this(screen above) in order to arm without a gps fix