Gps accuracy to low

can some one help figure out why I can not get this to arm? I have recalibrate several times with no luck. It worked at one time but then I decided to built a new drone and now it will not work.

Ok, you need to give us some more information, otherwise there is no chance we can help you.

Here is some things you can do:

  1. Set param SDLOG_MODE to log from boot and upload a logfile to
  2. Take a picture of your setup.
  3. Paste the exact errors, or screenshots of when it doesn’t work.
  4. Check the GPS data in QGC, and describe the place where you’re trying to fly.

here is the link to new log after I set it to log from start up. before it said gps accuracy to low now its different. didn’t change anything but when it starts loging and took it out side with clear area.
thanks for the help

It looks like low battery was triggered. Are all power settings calibrated and set correctly?