UAVCAN online nodes

Hi everyone,

I am tryint to develop my uavcan driver. I am testing with zubax this driver. After porting done I run the uavcan start. Uavcan start with instance 1. After I start the driver I check the uavcan status.
Online nodes (Node ID, Health, Mode):

uavcan: cycle time: 15266 events, 340098us elapsed, 22.28us avg, min 10us max 193us 17.747us rms
uavcan: cycle interval: 15266 events, 3000.28us avg, min 93us max 17805us 125.298us rms

there will be online node but I cannot see. Do you have any ideas about this topic.
Thanks for helping.

Do you have anything connected on the CAN bus? Are you modifying the px4 uavcan driver on the flight controller or are you working with uavcannode on the can node that connects to the flight controller?