UAVCAN not work in HITL mode

Hi All,

I need test UAVCAN esc in HITL mode.

I have:
Pixhawk controller 2.4.8
PX4 firmware from Git commit from Mar 27, 2018
QGroundControl version from Mar 26, 2018
Gazebo 8.4

I successfully setup UAVCAN communication and can test motors trough UAVCAN by command “motor_test iterate”
Tried setup output to motors in HITL - like in this topic HITL output to real servos?

But when I enable HITL mode (QGC → Safety-> HITL Enabled) PX4 stop communicating via UAVCAN - don’t transfer any message in CAN bus. And stop show esc list in “uavcan status” output.

Really looking forward to your help.

Best regards.