HITL GPS failure

Hello Everyone!

I work for a research lab at Utah State University. We are starting to use the PX4 Autopilot to fly our drones and before we take our equipment in the air we want to be able to extensively test with HITL.

This is, however, where I am running into issues. I have found many different topics hoping to find an answer and unfortunately none work.

My Problem:
I start HITL and after about 30 seconds I get a GPS failure and my gazebo sim begins to land.

What I have tried:
–Unplugging the Here GPS
–flashing the new PixHawk 2 Firmware onto the autopilot

I still get the Navigation error.

I must be missing something. I have tried looking on the developer PX4 site, and checking these forums to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you,