UART Port Selection for Telemetry Radio

I tried to connect my Holybro SiK Telemetry Radio to my Holybro Kakute H7 V2. There’s a JST-GH1.5_6pin port, normally used for the VTX module. i changed the wires, now i have RX, TX, GND and 5V of the Radio connected. The problem:

I can’t find a way to select the R1/T1 ports of the FC for telemetry in QGC, it only shows TELEM1 and GPS1 (the ones you would find on a big pixhawk controller)

Is it possible to make the radio work on these R1/T1 ports?

Kakute Wiring/ports: Holybro Kakute H7 V2 | PX4 User Guide
Wiring Diagram - Holybro Docs

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? Dealing with the same thing.