Tutorial about the source code of PX4

I want to learn the source code of PX4, but I don’t konw how to begin.At the moment, I just read the source code aimlessly. I want to read and modify the part of control, making my drone fly in the sky. I read the tutorial about wrinting a “hello sky” on the website, but I failed to find a tutorial, which teaches me how to read the code of control, and how to modify it. Can anybody offer me a way to make it? Thank you very much!

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Hey, check this

OK, I will read it. Thanks!

Thank you for your sharing of ppt, and I have read them all. I’m now interested in how to read the part of “Example project: custom controller for a non-conventional vehicle” on your website. It seems that it consist of four parts,“1. System analysis and modelling”“2. Implementation in a Hardware-In-The-Loop simulator”,“3…”“4…”, which I’m interested.Could you tell me how I can get and read the contents? I can’t find an available link.Thank you!

This is not another tutorial. This is an example workflow of what I do for work as a consultant.

Thank you for your reply. I’m a bit curious about how long did it take for you mastering PX4? I have spend a lot time trying to comprehend the framework of PX4. For example, I spend all week night trying to find the function ‘main’ of PX4. But I found it doesn’t have a funtion of main at all eventually. Instead, it uses a rcS to start and initial the whole system. I’m now trying to find out how the whole system run?I think it is linked with the concepts of ‘task’ and ‘work_queue’. But I’m still haven’t found its entry point. Can you tell me, where can I find it? I’m sorry for replying to you late. Recently, I have been quite busy with some annoying things.

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Hello! I have met a question when I analyze my data. Could you help me please?
I placed the quadrotor on my desk for some minutes. And I download the data and analyze them on flight review. I find the acceleration of x, y and z almost constant number 0 and -9.8 m/s2. But I find the ‘acceleration power spectral density’ puzzling. I cannot find a yellow line at 0 Hz, which represent the constant number of
0 and -9.8 m/s2. How can we explain this phenomenon? Or does it have some problem?

I’ve been writing a blog post about this, hopefully coming soon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: