How to read PX4 open source program

I am a student and a fan of UAV .Now I want to play it,but I don’t understand the PX4 code and don’t know how to read those code. So I want some suggestion of read PX4 code.
I hope I can get some reply.
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Use Visual Studio or Eclipse.

Thank you for your suggestion,but my mean is how to read the code itself rather than with what tools to read the code.:slight_smile: Thanks

read in you heart.:grinning:

Depends on what you want to do.

I am a student and a beginner in this platform too. One thing I have learned in these last months is that I am not gonna understand everything at once. So I focus in what I need in order to achieve my goals.

You should ask yourself what are your goals. E.g.: one wants to know more about the flight control algorithm. So start with the mc_att_control.cpp / fw_att_control.cpp algorithms.

this is a good suggestion

A lot of the terms are identical to C++ coding. I’d suggest looking up the terms on the sites listed below. Anything not there should be in the PX4 Development Guide.

Find this pretty useful. I’m not vouching for the accuracy (found it via google, not written by me) but it helped kickstarted a lot of my development work.

This is a good idea and I hope we can learn together,so I want to know where are you come from and make friend with you.

I think your suggestion is very useful for me .

I don’t know how to express my gratitude.
The website you give is very useful for me.
Best Regards.

you might be interested in this

someone posted this on gitter dev chat a while back