Trikopter 250 clas for renderring project

HI i am loocking to build ore to be precise have build the mechanics on base of a quannum trifecta.
Ibuild it to perform with the new pixracer and use upto 3S lipo.
my plan is to make a open surce mini mapper/fpv .

my problem in the moment is that i have problems to verryfy the outputs for the motor and esc on the pixracer.
the biggest problem is that the dokumentation for trikopter is to be short verry basic nd needs help

if i can help to develope i will do my best.

current stup is
frame HK

3x multistar elite on
12A afro esc
servo savöx0253
Gps is a neo8

ground control software is q groundcontrol or mission planer.

i modded al the holding peaces for the speaker and the arming switch to print them.
the moddels canbe shared if some one is intrested