Tips for a new HL multirotor?

Hi people, this is my first post here, i just signed up

I come from mikrokopter drones and after years i start to need some more features that are not possible on that platform

i choose to bet on Pixhawk and i need your help and tips before to spend money

i want to build a HeavyLift 8 motors coaxial drone, i’ll use it for aerial filming with heavy DSLR or BlackMagic and RED cameras, i’d like to have proximity sensors as well and interaction between alexmos and FC to have a kind of “follow subject” like Dji with lightbridge…is PX4 the right platform for that?

i already have KDE motors from my MK configuration
i have to buy the pwm KDE ESCs and all the Pixhawk electronics

what do you suggest to buy? and where? i’m from Europe

thanks in advance for any tip you want to share


Yes PX4 can do that, but might need some integration work.
Does your gimbal controller have a serial port and the mavlink option?

Sorry, I don’t have any recommendations for buying hardware in Europe.

Hi Dagar i found this video where someone made alexmos and px4 work together

BTW reading on Alexmos forum it looks like they still don’t support the mavlik…i have to investigate more on this probably

when you say “some integration work” at which part do you refer in particular?
the proximity sensors or the gimbal?

thanks for your time

This is what I meant by some integration work. :slight_smile:

I would verify the mavlink support as that seems like the best interface with PX4.