F450 PID tuning advice

Hi all,

I really need some advice for the PID tuning of my F450.

My setup is F450 with pixhawk 4 running px4 v1.10.

I’m having really bad oscillations while in mission mode. The attitude controller seems to works fine based on manual flight mode and the log file, but when I enter mission mode the pitch starts to oscillate aggressively.
I think that my velocity + position loop gains are not tuned right.

Can someone help me with the tuning?


Well I do think the PIDs do need some tuning also hi vibration levels.
My advice is to go to the PID page and read the examples, because tuning is really an iterative process requiring you to observe the results.

@jimdgit Thanks for the answer.

I found that the MPC_XY_CRUISE and MPC_VEL_MAX were set to 5 [m/s], which was equal to the mission speed set by the QGC.

After increasing those values to 20 [m/s] the problem was solved.

The only thing we are not sure about is way the quadrotor speed exceeded the 5 [m/s] mission speed (it reached to ~13 [m/s] during the mission).