The tale of the Christmas tree who wanted to be a drone

Hello Pixhawk Community!

The IONLAB @ ISAE-SUPAERO staff has a very special wish for the drone community through its Pixhawk-themed Christmas video-card. =) We hope you like it! Please find the video-card in the following link:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Haha, thanks for sharing! That’s gotta be one of the more involved ways to flash some LEDs! Arm to twinkle :smile:.

Make sure to share it on Discord as well, and happy holidays!

It was rather involved, indeed :sweat_smile:. The students took an old FMUv2 in the lab to do it, so they had to discover what gcc-arm compiler version was the right one for that and the associated QGroundControl version. After that, figuring out mixers, shutting down mc_* modules, overriding arming protections, altering simple_app.c, and other tasks kept them busy for an entire day. Surprisingly, no Christmas ornaments were harmed during the shooting of this film! =)

I’ve shared it on Discord as per your suggestion! Happy holidays!

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Ha, yes that sounds about right!