The process of using Snapdragon Flight Kit on PC

Hey guys. I’m new to Snapdragon Flight Kit and new to PX4. I just have the board myself and I even don’t know where to start. I just connect the board with my PC with USB but nothing happened and nothing detected. I’ve tried many drivers my everything seems fine with noting happened. I don’t even think I can write any codes because my computer just didn’t recognize the board, whether on windows or on VMWare Ubuntu. Guys can you help me?


What exactly have you tried so far. Have you seen the instructions here:

Hi Julian,

Sorry for my late reply. I just changed 4 computers before I can get the device detected. Here I have a new question. I’ve succeeded in Helloworld and is continuing other builds in Just run into trouble when doing this:
I type make eagle_default in my terminal and when I did this in user mode, it output error as this:

error: must run as root

I’ve already tried sudo usermod -a -G dialout $user to change my permission but got the same error, And when I use sudo su to run as root, I execute this command and nothing happened, it just got stuck there: nothing happened, and the terminal seems running something that can’t be seen.

What should I do to successfully make the file and upload it to snapdragon?

I’m confused. You shouldn’t have to build using root. Can you paste the whole build output (maybe best to pastebin)?