How to create "Hello Sky" on Snapdragon flight

I want to create my own apps based on the PX4,and my hardware is Snapdragon flight,it is OK to run the PX4 on the Hardware platform.
But create Hello sky is different from the tutorial for PIXHAWK:,
the Firmware is:
git clone Firmware
cd Firmware
git checkout tags/EAGLE_DRONE_1.0.1_STABLE
git submodule init
git submodule update

is anyone know how to create “Hello Sky” on Snapdragon Flight platform?

Please use current master and our instructions at, not the instructions from Qualcomm.

I’ve been trying to build and upload the Hello Sky application on the Snapdragon Flight, following the instructions of

make px4fmu-v2_default : works properly
make px4fmu-v2_default upload : the target is built but then I get the following message:

Loaded firmware for 9,0, size: 1025348 bytes, waiting for the bootloader... If the board does not respond within 1-2 seconds, unplug and re-plug the USB connector.

I’ve tried to unplug and replug the Snapdragon Flight, and also to do a reboot2fastboot, both with no success. I’ve also tried to build it with make px4fmu-v4_default, and I get a similar message.

Has anyone managed to make it work on the SDFlight? Am I missing something?

As far as I can tell, this does not work. In the directions there is no spec for what cmake config file to alter for the snapdragon/eagle target. Doing it to the Nuttx files does not affect the eagle build. altering the posix_eagle_default as directed causes the build to fail. I tried changing various other items deeper in the snapdragon build hierarchy, with either build failures, or successful builds, including px4_simple_app, but the app does not appear on the running version.

The hexagon readme does give some hints as to how to do this for an app to run on the dsp - but nothing clearly for an a simple app running on the linux side.

Any help appreciated.

So I finally go this to work. You have to add “examples/px4_simple_app” to the “cmake/configs/posix_sdflight_default.cmake” file. Once that is complete build px4 for the snapdragon using “make eagle_default” and then upload it using adb with “make eagle_default upload”. Then adb shell or ssh into your snapdragon flight and run px4 with “/home/linaro/px4 maineapp.config”. At the px4> prompt type help and the “px4_simple_app” should be there.

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Thank you, it works for me.