Test Optical Flow in Manual Mode

Hello, I am working on a larger quad, and integrating ArkFlows Optical Flow sensor.

Since the drone is quite large, I would like to make sure that I have configured the ArkFlow correctly (PX4 parameters and such).

Is there a way for me to fly the UAV around in manual mode, download the log, and verify correctly in the log that the ArkFlow is setup correctly?

Thank you!

If you fly in manual mode, you can check the log for optical flow check bits. If there are minimal or none, its probably setup correctly. You can also look at the ekf optical flow body vel in the log and see if it matches with your gps.

If you have sensor_optical_flow and distance_sensor in uorb and you’ve enabled EKF OF fusion, then it will just work.

If the rotation is wrong, it will toilet bowl.