Terrain Tiles Dont Download?

Hi. I am new to QGroundControl. I am trying to use the “follow terrain” option but when I go to upload the mission plan to my drone it says “Unable to Save/Upload - plan is waiting on terrain data from server for correct altitude values”.

I try to create new tile sets in the offline maps section. The map tile set will download but the tile set for elevation will not download and either crashes QGroundControl or shows errors… never downloads any data only fails.

I wonder if this is because there is no terrain data available for my area? Or am I doing something wrong?

First step make sure you are using latest Stable 3.5.3.

That is possible. Try doing terrain stuff in another area.

That is not supported.

Latest Stable 3.5.3 is installed.

Others areas load fine and download, such as Vancouver area.

Ability to import custom data or convert terrain data to .qgctilesdb would be pretty slick!

Agree with Yukon. Airmap was not a good choice IMO …

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HI DonLakeFlyer,

Have to ask…

Can you please support custom elevation data?

Or can you do a deal with another terrain provider?

A lot of projects that I want to complete are much easier to do if I can helicopter in to a mountaintop and do the drone survey in the valley below. Otherwise, I need to walk down in to the valley and then back up again. That hurts!

As I understand it having the “follow terrain” option is essential for me to be able to drop below the launch elevation for an automated survey flight. Is there another way to automate a flight below the launch elevation? Also, for consistent imagery quality it is necessary to have a constant elevation above the ground.


Being looked at for next Stable. Not sure what will make it yet.

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Awesome! Thanks Don.