Check altitude when creating mission in QgroundControl

Hello everyone, I’m having difficulty creating missions in QGroundControl using the check altitude option.
In mission Planer there is the option to bookmark, but in QGround it doesn’t let me.

In Qground there is even the CalculateAboveTerrain option, but I see big differences when flying.
Can someone help me ?

There is a significant difference in development between the Ground-station’s.

I often create my missions in MP and then copy them across as I prefer QGC for actual flying operations.
In MP there has been a Google Earth terrain data input introduced which has height info at around every 100m distance. I don’t think that’s the case in QGC. That might explain the difference.
(Note: That only works if you are connected to the internet or have already this data previously downloaded for the area you are planning your missions in)

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I understand.
However, I have seen in some QGroundControl the option to check altitude.
Is there a specific version?

Ok. Somewhat interesting:

  • I’ve tried to create a mission in QGC-Daily and no height update occurred.
  • Then I’ve tried the same in QGC 4.2.6 and it worked as expected.
  • Tried also a version build from source and based on 4.2.8 - Worked as expected.

Note on the side: The successful tests been done on a computer different than the failed test. → Trying to see if linked to different network connection or other reasons as OS is same on both.

I would also suggest to change the “Tolerance” field and see if that brings you closer to expected height.

Update: Moved QGC-Daily version across to other computer and found it to be working there as expected. So would appear either a hardware related issue or simply a cache related issue which may require clearing of cache to force a fresh start of QGC.

I will carry out some missions in different scenarios.

1 - with the calculated above terrain changing the height tolerance.

2 - Terrain frame

I also noticed some settings on my drone, the option to use lidar was checked.

As soon as I can fly I will do it and post the results.

Thanks for your help in advance.