Terrain following between two distant waypoints and DEM

1- Is there this option in QGC?

2- Is it possible to upload custom DEM to QGC?

Terrain graph is available at the bottom of the plan view in both stable and daily builds.

Not currently

Thanks @DonLakeFlyer

@Loren_DS, our team built a custom api that simply creates waypoints along any flight path elevated from any DEM at a user input AGL. Options are to export to Mission Planner or as a .plan into QGC. This option provides more cloud-based GIS functionality and planning than mission planner or qgc are capable of and allows us to rapidly scale our survey collection.

Unfortunately our api is only currently available privately, but the good news is you can manually do this using GIS software such as QGIS. I hope this work flow concept helps.

Same for me, I do it in GIS …

Thanks for your information @ethosgeo