Custom Terrain data

Hi guys,

just wanted to know if there is anyway we can use our own terrain data in QGC,

I saw this
Map providers step2 by tilaktilak · Pull Request #7898 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

any development on this or can i use this and compile my own version of qgc?

thank you

Also have a look at [DRAFT] Include support for Ardupilot terrain servers as elevation data source by Davidsastresas · Pull Request #10715 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub and maybe comment there. You might be able to work together with David Sastre on it.

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thank you very much for that information, i will check it

For anyone following, I did some work trying to get GDAL to pull terrain data from a VRT dataset that points to all the SRTM data hosted by ArduPilot’s server. It works. Take a look here:

I want access to the terrain data on the companion computer for path planning. The tooling (GDAL, C++) is very similar to the work done in QGC and what was done in grid_map_geo.

The alternative would be to implement the MAVLink terrain protocol on the companion computer, but then I lost out on the ability to use GDAL because no one has written a MAVLink driver for GDAL.

The capability of loading terrain from a web server, maintaining a local cache on disk, and serving the data to the application is a common need.

I’m happy to work together on this.