TeraRanger One driver fails to start (v1.5.3)


1- I connected TeraRangerOne to Pixhawk2.1 I2C
2- I change the ‘trone’ parameter in QGC to ‘Enable’
3- I restart the Pixhawk, but the I cannot see the data
4- I use NSH to check the driver app ‘trone’, and do ‘trone start’
5- it fails with the following error: Trone driver start failed’

What is missing here?

Do I have to solder the JP1 on the I2C adapter?
the TeraRanger sensor version is 1601.


I have not that problem (PX4 1.5.5).

I can start the terraranger from the NSH yet, trone is not started by default.

Your problem can come from the fact that the I²C interface has to be connected to the battery (the I²C bus do not power the teraranger).

nsh> trone status
trone status
ERROR [trone] driver not running
nsh> trone start
TRONE on I2C bus 1 at 0x30 (bus: 100 KHz, max: 100 KHz)
Time has wrapped
('Time has wrapped', 278235, 537025)
nsh> trone test
WARN  [trone] single read
WARN  [trone] measurement: 3.57 m
WARN  [trone] time:        281865182
WARN  [trone] periodic read 0
WARN  [trone] measurement: 3.565
WARN  [trone] time:        281916528
WARN  [trone] periodic read 1
WARN  [trone] measurement: 3.565
WARN  [trone] time:        281967918

I just checked rcS file and it looks like we need to activate SENS_EN_TRONE to enable the sensor.

Problem was solved, and I forgot to update. Simply, it was a wiring issue on my side. It should work as expected on the latest stable versions (v1.5.5 as of now). Thanks anyway.

For me, v1.5.5; If I enable TRONE and use the Terraranger as main height estimation in EKF2, then I have to start the drone from the battery and connect the USB after connecting the battery or else, the vehicle do not answer.