Send data over telemetry radio from GCS to Pixhawk


Ubuntu 18.04 | bionic
HW arch: PX4_FMU_V5
PX4 FW version: 1.10.1
I have a pixhawk4 connected to the Jetson TX2 and telemetry radio.
I have another telemetry radio connected to the laptop.
when I launch mavros on TX2 over port /dev/ttyACM0:57600, it gets connected to pixhawk4. Also, I’m able to see pixhawk4 status on qgroundcontrol.


Hello all,

I want to send global_position data from the ground station to pixhawk4 (PS: want to use the prebuilt messages, not custom message) such that I receive it over mavros topics on TX2, is there a way to do it using telemetry radio.
Note: Not wanna use connecting to common wifi (like a typically ROS master-slave setup).

I’ve already seen links with a similar question such as but wasn’t helpful to my situation.

Looking forward to it
Thank you