Optitrack and Pixhawk

Hi, I am beginning to use pixhawk, My lab have a set of optitack and I want to do some quadrotor control with this motion capture system, so I started reading posts from this forum and many people mention about this type of control but i don’t have a odroid or raspberry.

My question is: Is the offboard only way to send the position ??

You also can modify code.

thanks for the reply, I am readion this guide https://dev.px4.io/external-position.html, how can I send the message “ATT_POS_MOCAP messages”. I want to start sending data obtained from optitrack cameras to pixhawk

I have the same question with you.
Do u find the answer about sending “ATT_POS_MOCAP messages” to pixhawk?

hi,i have read matmav in github, and i can get position from optitrack. Also, i can get data from pixhawk through mavproxy. however, i don’t know how to send position data to pixhawk too.T_T .I wish someone can help me.