Pixhawk 6X TELEM2 not working under 1.14.0rc

I tried 1.14.0rc for OPEN_DRONE_ID. TELEM1=telemetry ratio, TELEM2=Cube ID, and TELEM3=UART to onboard controller. It seems TELEM2 does not work. Cube ID works when it is plugged at TELEM1, but it does not work at TELEM2. Drone scanner can get the data. The set-up’s are same between TELEM1 and TELEM2 at MAV_0_* and MAV_1_* and SER_TELx_BAUD=57600. TELEM2 powers up devices, but MAVLink data does not seem to get out. If swapped, TELEM1=Cube ID, TELEM2=telemetry radio, Cube ID works, but telemetry radio does not get any data, while powered up. I feel as if there is a special set up parameter to enable TELEM2. Would appreciate any suggestions.

This is not a set up issue. I found the Pixhawk 6X has a defective/damaged TELEM2 port. The other controllers works at TELEM2 with 1.14.0rc.