Takeoff overshoot using takeoff mode


my situation is that after commanding a VehicleCommand msg with the takeoff parameter set and the height being set to 0.4m the drone kept rising until it crashed into the ceiling of our lab. Since my experience with flightlogs and px4 is very limited I’d like to get some advice on why the drone behaved the way it did.
Log: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=dede9d0e-0b17-49fe-ac98-d13d5f8b6bd0

I think the problem was that the barometer didn’t get the change in height during the takeoff leading the drone to keep rising its altitude. But im not sure. (I hope this is the right category to put these kind of questions^^)

Sorry to hear that. It looks indeed like the baro thought it was going down.

I would probably share this question and log with ModalAI.