Take off and landing

Hey, I’m preparing for my first maiden. Which manual mode would be the best for maiden flight? I was thinking to use either stabilized or position but I’m a bit confused on how the position mode would work with landing and take off. I am a bit scared to do auto-launch because I saw that it might go wrong, especially for a newbie.

With a modest craft and power system position is generally fine but does add complexities that stabilized overlooks (gps, mag, airspeed if a fixed wing, etc). If you aren’t sure about those things yet, don’t use them and go to stabilized. It just stabilizes the attitude but is obviously more difficult than position mode since you really have the trainers on with position but it only works if set up correctly. If you are confident and have a detailed and good preflight setup complete then position is ok but if new at this and you’re a reasonably skilled pilot that’s stabilized is a safer option.

On fixed wing understanding what min throttle represents in position mode (ie it is min speed not min throttle) is crucial as you can’t cut the motor so landing is very different whereas in stabilized, min throttle is actual minimum.

PX4 Flight Modes Overview | PX4 User Guide Is a good one to memorize for the modes you plan on using but it gets much easier after the first few times. :+1::+1: