Switching between two cameras after fixed interval of time

I am able to play live video stream coming from default VOXL camera by putting RTSP link in QGroundControl UI at following location:
QGC << Application Settings << General << Fly View << RTSP URL(Text Field)

But my ultimate goal is to switch between two video streams coming from two distinct VOXL cameras after fixed interval of time. So I believe I have to write a piece of code to achive this thing.If someone knows then please tell me…

=> In the QGC source code exactly where I need to add piece of code to implement this feature


=> In QGC Source code, exactly where the RTSP video link is being stored.


What if you write some external process/proxy that periodically switches from all the inputs (2 from your example) so you don’t need to change QGC code, and you configure it with just the URL entry point from the “video proxy”, something like this:

RTSP source 1
(timer to switch sources) → external video proxy ← RTSP URL(Text Field) ← QGC
RTSP source N

I imagine the “video proxy” as a Python script for instance.

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