Stream all VOXL cameras at a time

I am trying to display live video feed from all cameras mounted on VOXL board at launch window of QGC. How can i achive this thing?

RTSP address configuration

Hello @Biswajeet , Thank you for your time and support

As you said in your comment “RTSP address configuration” , I can do that manually by putting RTSP link in QGroundControl UI at following location:
QGC << Application Settings << General << Fly View << RTSP URL(Text Field)

But my ultimate goal is to switch between two video streams coming from two distinct VOXL cameras after fixed interval of time. So I believe i must have to write a piece of code to achive this thing. Tell me, In the QGC source code exactly where I need to add piece of code to implement this feature OR In QGC Source code, exactly where the RTSP video link is being stored.