PX4 Compatible RTK GPS

Does PX4 directly support any RTK GPS system. Looking around, I found the following available systems:

No of these seem to support PX4 out of the box.

The http://px4.io/docs/rtk-gps/ tutorial, briefly discusses the setup using the u-blox neo-m8p, the same used by REACH. But this github issue: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/5657 seems to indicate that to make it work, you will need soldering/re-soldering.

Is there any recommended out-of-the-box RTK GPS system that we just buy and integrate easily with PX4 ?

Thanks in advance …

There will be a new revision for TinyRTK that will remove the solder bridge. It will improve usability even if the board is already fully compatible with PX4.

Any idea when this will be available ?

Also, do you have a documentation that explains how to integrate it with PX4 ?

Probably at the end of January. The integration is straightforward as all the configuration is either done by the autopilot or QGC, so it is basically plug-and-play as shown in http://px4.io/docs/rtk-gps/.

I developed the swarming flight with Swift Piksi RTK-GPS.

refer to https://youtu.be/gLm_bsR_Ef8

It is useful for drone.

In addition, I heard the Swift Piksi RTK is improved.

I have plan to contribute the piksi rtk driver to pixhawk ASAP.



@stmoon I have a Swift Piksi RTK with me at the moment, but I couldn’t figure out how to integrate it with PX4. Can you please provide me with a guideline on how to do it, I would really appreciate it.

btw, your video looks cool, I can see only 2 base stations for all the drones, how did you manage to do it ?

The HERE+ is a drop in solution for pixhawk2.1 so should be easy to use.

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sorry for late reply. (I got bad cold :frowning: )
I successfully integrate the piksi driver to pixhawk. However, it does not follow the pixhawk driver concept. so I’m trying to change the driver.

And… I use 1 base station for all the drones. The base station can transmit the correction data to all drones by broadcast. Therefore, there is no problem to increase the number of drone theoretically.


SungTae Moon

Sorry to hear about your cold, hopefully, you are feeling better now.

Can you please elaborate on the driver concept, did you have to change the Firmware code, and create a new driver?

Regarding the broadcast, did you use the standard R.F telemetry units?

More detailed information would be of great help for all us.

yes, I changed the firmware code and develop piksi driver. However, the code is applied to old version (ver 1.2)
So, I should update the version.

I use 2.4 Ghz telemetry unit.


@stmoon would it be possible to share your driver code and your firmware modifications.

Unfortunately, I cannot share the all codes because of a policy of company. However, I will have plan to share a driver for piksi after checking the policy.

sorry that I cannot help you now. :slight_frown:

looks interesting!
just want to know what kind of changes did you make in the firmware? and which firmware did you use for that purpose , is it ardiopilot or PX4 or any other one ?

Appreciate your reply

That’s a shame @stmoon, the spirit of opensource encourages sharing with the community, but I understand that some of us don’t have as much flexibility as others.

There is also the HERE+ GPS RTK (http://www.proficnc.com/gps/77-gps-module.html), which gives the RTK capability to the PixHawk 2.1 but I wonder if it is compatible with the Pixhawk 1.

I would choose tinyRTK

Yes HERE+ supports Pixhawk1 in the same way it supports Pixhawk2

Thanks a lot ! We’ll order some HERE+ !

laster version default suport m8p

NMEA0183 data format shall be supported? Have you ever tried Tersus GNSS out? For some working scenario with a liitle shelter, dual-frequency RTK will be much more stable in ambiguity fix resolutions. Should you have any questions, just feel free to drop me an email. xszhuquan@163.com and quan.zhu@tersus-gnss.com